Who we are

The Dolphin Acoustics Vertically Integrated Project, or VIP, is coordinated by staff supervisors who are leading experts in the field of marine mammal bioacoustics. Staff collaborate with students of all years from a range of disciplines on the project. This collaboration allows the project to achieve its aims and objectives.

Staff Collaborators

  • Julie Oswald
  • Vincent Janik
  • Douglas Gillespie
  • Danielle Harris
  • Olexandr Konovalov

Current Students

  • Joel Beckles
  • Heidi Bough
  • Rosie Day
  • Grace Fogarty
  • Ellen Hayward
  • Matteo He
  • Tristan Kleyn
  • Rohan Kumar
  • Jasmine Lees
  • Issac Li
  • Abigail Mottur
  • Lia Magalhães
  • Dzhemma Ruseva
  • Anika Snyder
  • Alba Spahiu
  • Harold Thain