Once individual whistle .wav file clips are extracted from Raven, they can be traced and analysed in another computer programme called PAMGuard.

2. PAMGuard

PAMGuard is a computer program used to measure and classify sounds produced by dolphins. In this project, we use PAMGuard to trace and measure dolphin whistles (Figure 2). Tracing whistles gives us lots of information about them, such as their lengths and frequency ranges. This information is often used in research on marine mammal behaviour, abundance, and distribution.

Within PAMguard, we use the ROCCA module. ROCCA stands for ‘Real-time Odontocete Call Classification Algorithm’. ROCCA is what allows us to trace and analyse whistles. This helps us understand the behaviour and geographical distribution of dolphins. So, both PAMGuard and RavenLite are important for the project, as well as more broad marine mammal research and conservation.